The bagasse which comes out of mills contains about 50% moisture. This bagasse is used as a fuel in boilers to generate steam.
Lowering the moisture in bagasse improve boiler efficiency considerably. By using bagasse dryers we can reduce the moisture content in bagasse before it is burnt. The Bagasse, moisture content is reduced by 10-12 units, creating a potential for saving of 8-10% of bagasse used as fuel to boiler. Thus, giving stable and efficient boiler operations.


Dr. Abiliio Arrascaeta, PhD in Bagasse Drying is our technology partner. Dr. Abilio Arrascaeta after over 20 years of research & trials had developed bagasse dryer system. This technology uses the energy left in the boiler flue gases to dry bagasse and is unique as no one else could develop it in the whole world.


The bagasse dryer is boiler heat energy recovery equipment as this technology uses the energy left in the boiler flue gases to dry bagasse.

The boiler flue gases are taken into our bagasse dryers after the boiler ID fan from the inlet ducts of the chimney through dryer fans & the chimney is isolated with help of damper & the bagasse is taken before the MBC to the bagasse dryer thru a new belt conveyor. The bagasse is pneumatically conveyed up in the bagasse dryer tube by the flue gas where the drying take place. The exhaust flue gasses will be disposed of into the atmosphere @ 75 dec C through bagasse dryer stack after drying bagasse.

The dried bagasse is separated in the cyclone and fed back to the MBC thru a new belt conveyor to be used as fuel to boiler.


  1. Higher boiler efficiency resulting into reduction in consumption of bagasse.
  2. Improved boiler operations such as steam pressure stability, energy savings, pollution reduction etc.
  3. Complete combustion of wet bagasse increases the boiler life and reduces maintenance, saving on air pollution by exhausting clean gasses. Thus reducing the carbon footprint.
  4. Surplus dried bagasse can be sold or used to produce electricity during off season.
  5. ROI of around 40%-60%, year after year, depending on season and off season operation days, flue gas temperature, installation intricacy, selling price of power or bagasse etc.
  6. Smooth operations in rainy season.
  7. Also less storage area is required to store bagasse as compared to the conventional methods of using bagasse without drying.

Dhampur Asmoli Mansurpur Rajpura Mankapur Masudha
Crush Capacity 13000 TCD 8500 TCD 7500 TCD 7000 TCD 7500 TCD 8000 TCD
No. of Boiler 2 2 2 2 2 2
Boiler Size 170 Ton 170 Ton
70 Ton
100 Ton
90 Ton
120 Ton
70 Ton
100 Ton 100 Ton
50 Ton
Boiler Pressure 105 Bar 105 Bar
67 Bar
64 Bar 67 Bar 87 Bar 64 Bar
No. of Dryers 2 2 2 2 2 2
Co-gen Plant 60 MW 40 MW 27 MW 35 MW 37 MW 60 MW